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Class 100 Cleanroom Packaging

NTYF has added Precision Cleaning Processes to our list of capabilities. Precision Cleaning is absolutely imperative to the High Vacuum Industry. By offering the cleaning and subsequent packaging, we can drastically reduce the down time of your high vacuum equipment by making spare parts kits readily available. Precision Cleaning utilizes an Ultrasonic cleaning process that affords a guaranteed clean product. When properly handled, no new contaminants are introduces. Double bagging is also available to allow for antechamber staging without loss of cleanliness. Of course, all packaging materials and labels (low fiber content) are of highest quality and clean room qualified. Please call for any product/packaging specifications you may need to qualify our processes. We can now offer Class 100 Cleanroom packaging for your high vacuum hardware. We are very excited about this new addition to our customer service.

ISO 9001 COMPLIANCE (Q2/2001)

NTYF is currently preparing to become ISO 9001 Compliant. This certification will serve to increase our visibility and therefore the end quality of our services and products that are delivered to our customers.

Process Documentation

In conjunction with pending ISO certification, we have also added specification drawing capabilities. Please contact us for any drawings or specifications that you may need to support the purchasing process according to your and/or ISO requirements.

Maintenance Kits (Spares)

Additional support has been added by offering packaged maintenance kits. Please call ahead to request information on your specific packaging needs.


As a value-added service, Nuts To You Fasteners provides a bin stocking program. With this service, we have a service representative come out to your facility and stock your bins as often as you deem necessary to assure sufficient stock levels. Our bin stocking program is designed to eliminate repetitive buying in two ways.

1.) You need to issue only one annual purchase order for all the items you feel are warranted to put on the program.

2.) It lets us take on the responsibility for making sure that all your items on the program are filled to the sufficient maximum levels required by your company. This allows you, the buyer, to have more time to focus on more important issues.

We here at Nuts To You Fasteners are proud of our track record in setting up and implementing these programs for our customer. We feel they are extremely cost-effective.


As a value-added service, we can also provide our customers with a Just-In-Time service, or better known as JIT program. We here at NTYF have designed a program to assure you, our customer, of timely deliveries on scheduled products. This helps you save money and eliminate the high cost of stocking inventory before the required date. Scheduling purchase orders is just one of our forts here at NTYF. Scheduling an order is as easy as picking up the phone, placing an order and letting us know when you would like us to ship. At that point, we will handle the order so as to assure you that all products are shipped according to your schedule. If for any reason you need to bring product in earlier, just give a call to our customer service representatives or fax your rescheduled requests to (510) 824-0276. We will be happy to assist you. Our policy states that all orders can be scheduled up to one year in advance.


We at Nuts To You Fasteners know that you the customer have special needs such as plating. NTYF has removed the middleman from your custom plating requirements. All various coatings are available, ie, dacronite, gold plating, silver plating, black oxide, etc., etc. This newest addition to our capabilities will allow you the customer to realize increased savings. If you have never tried NTYF, we would certainly welcome the opportunity to show you how painless many of your purchasing/stocking functions can be. Cost Savings are always paramount in any industry and one stop shopping can often bee a hefty edge against added costs.


Custom Kitting is an additional service Nuts To You Fasteners is offering. Please call ahead to request information on your specific packaging needs.

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